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Wednesday, November 26, 2003
OK, the Palm seems to be behaving again. Now the hard part will be getting in the mood to do all the missing edits all over again. Maybe I should hire cheerleaders to urge me on. "Go, Anne, write write write! Anne! What are you doing surfing to Baen's Bar again, stop that!"

Another Warning for Aspiring Writers

There are a lot of great sites for writers out there. But be careful -- some of them aren't so great. Some of them are even thinly veiled (and even thickly veiled) ads for notorious publishers. When you see a new writing site, if the information seems contrary to what the pros tell you... dare to wonder why. It could be this site knows something. Or it could be they don't want you to know the truth.

If you don't know the business of publishing, research it. I've never figured why people can spend years writing a novel and something like five, ten minutes picking a publisher. Yes, I know, the business of publishing is confusing and sometimes depressing -- but making the wrong decision will depress you even more in the long run. :(

Look out for sites that spread obvious lies. If they say the experts are lying and trying to keep you down and hiding the true secrets of getting published from you, ask yourself if that makes sense. First, who really gets hurt if you turn down the vanity publisher? The vanity publisher, not the expert who was telling you to avoid that publisher! Yet these publishers claim that the experts (the writer advocates) are hurting you by telling you not to sign that contract. Huh?!

And if they say something, for God's sake, question it. Even if it sounds fine. There are other places to ask. I've seen so-called "writing" sites that claim that new writers don't get an advance, that most writers don't get an advance, and so forth. This is pure bovine fecal matter. And if you accept that sort of thing unquestioningly without finding other sources, you are not doing yourself a favor. Writers are supposed to know how to look stuff up. Research.

Yes, I know it's hard getting published. I have my share of rejection slips. But you know what? I look at my earlier novels and blanch. No wonder that bloody thing got rejected. I wasn't good enough yet, and it wasn't the sort of thing that publisher liked at all. If your novel keeps getting turned down, then keep working on it. If that doesn't work, put it away and start your next novel. That's the only way to learn, the only way to get published eventually.

And don't worry that you've wasted your time on a novel that may never get published. Writing a novel is never a waste. My first novel was a spy novel about an assassin named after my summer camp counsellor (what can I say, all the girls loved Jorge) and a heroine everyone thought was dead and a traitor in the midst, and all the while I knew nothing about spies or about the locations I wrote about. It did not deserve to get published. But writing it was not a waste of time. First, it was fun to write in study hall. :-D Second, it taught me about how to outline and write a novel, how to write in scenes, how to keep the story going for a long while, etc.
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