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Tuesday, July 06, 2004
Be Cautious!

When I posted a recent entry, I checked my blog to make sure it all came out OK, check the counter, etc. I noticed that there was an ad at the top that said "Science Fiction Publisher." Plus something about avoiding the shame of paying for to be published.

I was suspicious enough already -- look, legit publishers don't advertise because they get enough manuscripts already. Also, this one set off some warning bells about a certain publisher I know of.

So I pointed to the link, and sure enough, it lead to PublishAmerica. Knowing what I know of PA, I thought it was ironic that they were calling themselves a science fiction publisher.

Why? Because of what they said at AuthorsMarket.net. But what does AuthorsMarket have to do with PublishAmerica? Well first have a look at the About Us page of AuthorsMarket. They clearly state "AuthorsMarket is a service of PublishAmerica." I wanted to point this out because in a recent interview, the executive directory of PublishAmerica denied any knowledge of the AuthorsMarket site. Hmm.

So what's up with AuthorsMarket? Look at this page, where they say you shouldn't trust any publishing advice that comes from science fiction or fantasy authors. First, they start out by saying that most SF/fantasy writers are fine, upstanding writers. (Of course they say this; you might be an SF/fantasy writer with a book you're trying to get published.) Then they turn around and claim that at the same time, there are lots of SF writers who are "literary parasites and plagiarists."

Their idea of a "literary parasite" is someone who writes media tie-in fiction. While there are plenty of SF/fantasy writers who look down on those writers (and who should know better), this is a crock. The media tie-in writers I've known on-line are very professional, and they are "real writers."

BTW their idea of a "plagiarist" is apparently a writer who gets his or her inspiration and source material from mythology. (Which is doubly ironic as on an earlier version of this page, they praised Tolkien, who -- you guessed it -- got his inspiration and source material from mythology.) This page claims that there are fantasy authors whipping out this stuff for publishers who need cheap titles put out every week or so. This is rather fascinating as most fantasy publishers put out only a few titles per week. Of course, the idea of fantasy authors "whipping out" stuff and getting it published without blinking a lash is a total crock.

This page is, of course, full of pure poop. (I'd use stronger words, but the people behind this page don't really deserve anything but silly words like "poop" and "doo-doo.") What do they have against SF and fantasy writers? Nothing, as long as those authors publish with them! However, many of the most helpful sites warning aspiring authors against writing scams and assorted Bad Ideas are run by SF and fantasy writers. So it's those SF and fantasy writers who have them in a tizzy.

BTW if you know a lot about anti-scam watchdogs, you can probably pick out who this page refers to. You can play a fascinating game of "Guess Who They Just Maligned."

They did get one thing right. "Only Trust Your Own Eyes" is correct. Before you try to get published, you must learn how publishing works. Don't just read the writing magazines. Visit sites like Writer Beware. Also, learn to respect authors in all genres (even the genres you don't read). That way, when published writers come under scurrilous attacks, you will know how to recognize the "doo-doo" for what it is. That way, when you come across a page like "Only Trust Your Own Eyes," you will know how to read between the lines.
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