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Sunday, January 09, 2005
Ewww, Cleaning

I spent much of yesterday cleaning/organizing stuff in my apartment. As usual for my apartment, much of this involves putting books into boxes or taking them out of boxes and putting them on shelves, or finally giving up on a book and putting it in a pile for trading in or giving away. Eventually, I gave up, escaped the apartment and spent the Blockbuster gift card my nephew gave me, and then came back and did some more.

I missed "The Grudge" when it was in theaters in October. But I was able to rent "Ju-On: The Grudge," the original Japanese movie. In the early evening, I watched it -- with the Japanese on and English subtitles, of course, so I couldn't get anything much done while watching it. It definitely is creepy. The plot follows several different storylines, but they are connected, and I think that helps keep you riveted as you try to figure out the connections. And sometimes confused. :-) I'm glad the rental periods are so long these days -- I might have a chance to check out the commentary, if I'm not trying to catch up on Moonstone. Or maybe I'll just cheat and read the Visual Timeline I found through a helpful post on one of the IMDB message boards. Yikes! Did you look at that thing?

By the way, I like the way these new Japanese horror movies -- the ones I've seen so far anyway (OK, only Ringu and Ju-on so far, although I did get a couple of Tomie DVDs, so we'll see) -- use so many modern technological elements in their horror. Cell phones, video surveillance, photographs, TV, and of course, videos. I don't know if it's the influence of Ringu or if this was true even before that. Maybe I should wait and see more ("Dark Water"!) before speculating. Anyway, before you know it, someone is going to be creating a movie about a ghost who faxes himself to everyone in the world. ;-) I know some American ones have tried similar connections to technology (for example, Fear.com), but those rarely seem successful. The reviews for "White Noise" are dreadful. Which won't necessarily keep me from seeing it because sometimes reviewers forget that with some types of movies, the important questions are "Was it fun?" or "Was it scary?" or even "Did someone in the audience scream and drop their popcorn?"

And why oh why is it that whenever you're watching a scary movie like that, boxes in the closet suddenly decide to slide down a few inches, plastic bags fall to the ground, and the !@#$ phone decides to ring? And why did I pick last night to wash my hair in the shower?!?

A New Erotica/Romantica Publisher

Full disclosure: I learned about this one because they sent me a gmail saying that they were going to link to my blog. (Yay!) It's an interesting idea -- they're selling erotica and romantica ebooks from a variety of publishers. They have a lot of categories, too -- classic, fetish, lesbian-gay, mature, taboo. Interestingly, most of their categories involve the sexual content rather than the story, while most of the romantica sites categorize books by plots, or in some cases, by both plots and sexual content. It should be interesting to see how it all works out. (Note: Sadly, most of the books are available only in Microsoft Reader and Adobe Reader, with a few in Palm format as well. Sigh. Maybe I'll contact them and ask about other formats, but I have some more "organizing" to do. And breakfast...)
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