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Tuesday, January 04, 2005
Reality Show Outrage

I must admit that I have watched some horrid and tacky reality shows. Often, I tried to avoid them, but I had to see "how it all turned out" after seeing the previews or hearing about it.

That said, last night, Fox hit the bottom of the barrel. And I watched another network instead. Because it happened again. Just when I'm sure they've scraped the bottom of the barrel, they end up tipping the barrel and pouring out more sludge.

The latest one was the supremely insensitive "Who's Your Daddy," a reality show where a woman looking for her birth father tries to decide which man is her biological father. The men have an incentive to lie their pants off because the man who can fool her into thinking he's her biological father will get the prize money! Ugh! At least one adoption advocacy group used the Web, radio appearances, etc. to protest the show, but Fox still decided to run it. (Those !@#$ probably saw it as great publicity.)

Kudos to the Fox affiliate in Raleigh that decided not to run this show.
According to this article, they were the only one to decide to pull it:

Not only did they refuse the run the show, they also ran an award-winning documentary on adoption, "I Have Roots and Branches ... Personal Reflections on Adoption." (BTW in the past they have refused to run "Married by American," "Temptation Island," and "Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire." I managed to avoid those shows myself, although I admit to watching "Joe Millionaire.") I wish more stations would take a stand against shows like *this* instead of chosing not to run something good but controversial like "NYPD Blue."

One of the guys in Raleigh was interviewed by Chip Frankln on WBAL. Though the Raleigh guy tried to play it down, it was clear he was going to get a hard time from Fox, from their own sales and marketing people, etc.

And speaking of Chip Franklin...

Curb Your Intelligence!
On his show, Chip Franklin has a thing he calls "Curb Your Intelligence." In that feature, he goes on the street and asks questions, and then collects the stupid replies. It's not quite like Jay Leno's "Jaywalking" because the questions are different. For example, they are often easy questions phrased so that people respond not to the question but to what they think he has said.

For example, he asked people why they thought more people under 18 didn't vote. And most of the respondents thought it was because they simply didn't care about politics. Not because they're not old enough to vote! :)

In another, he asked, "Do you think Homo sapiens should be allowed in the army?" And people answered things like "What they do in their private life isn't my business..." and "No. They don't belong there."

Recently, he asked, "How long do the 12 days of Christmas last?" He got a wide variety of responses, ranging from "three days" to "ten days."

Today's question:
"Does the supreme court justice have the right to swear in the president?"

Some people argued that it was a freedom of speech issue, others said it would be rude to cuss at the president.
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