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Monday, April 25, 2005
More Fun with Moonstone

Finally, I finished the chapter where Moonstone and company are on the barge, and they find themselves under attack by a yacht that sidled (do yachts sidle?) near enough for a mage to attack them. I might have to change the word "yacht." The word is older than you might think, but people will read the book and write me angry letters about how dare I allow a modern term into this story. ;-) I ended the chapter with Moonstone seeing the sole survivor of the yacht and realizing it was his brother. Of course, now I'm afraid that having his obnoxious brother turn out to be the traitor will not be subtle enough. Also, I end the chapter with Moonstone wondering what he will do about his brother. I might have him take care of him, however he does so.

The next chapter will be from Brodin's POV. I might use some king of transition -- or even a narrative summary -- to get through the part where he is waiting at Bendpoint Pier. Otherwise, I'll have to write about how they wait for Moonstone for days, and then I'll have to go to the next chapter and write about Moonstone's journey of several days to Bendpoint Pier. Sure, I can make it interesting, but does it help the story? Not necesarily. This might be one of those times where "Show, Don't Tell" isn't really the best rule to follow.

A New (Used) Palm

Because my Palm was giving me trouble, I took the plunge and bought another one on eBay. This time, I bought an M515 as it can use some of the same doohickeys as the M125. It's also old enough so that even Overstock.com no longer carries it. It's nice to have a color Palm, and the backlight is really quite bright. However, I have to sacrifice battery life for all that. I'm not sure how well it works with the keyboard yet. However, I noticed that its Graffiti area worked much better than that on the M125. At times, I had wondered if it was just me (bad handwriting) or if there was really something a little "off" with the M125's digitizer.
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