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Tuesday, May 24, 2005
Cheapened by the Checkout

Here's the subhead from another article linked by Booktrade News Digest:
"The mountain of discounted books at supermarkets isn't democratising publishing but dumbing it down"
You can read it here

Gag me. God forbid people should be able to buy books for less so that people with less money can buy more books. God forbid they actually buy books they might be interested in reading instead of what someone thinks they *should* be reading. This writer regrets the fact that when grocery stores offer discounted books, they offer the latest best-sellers instead of, say, the classics or something. Well duh!

The stores don't want to put something there that won't sell. They're risking their money on what they put there, especially with so few slots to fill. People waiting in the line at the grocery store aren't hoping to buy "A Farewell to Arms." They buy stuff that jumps out, like Dan Brown. That's not saying they won't read the classics sometime, although many will read them only in school, when they're forced to do so. Considering how schools teach the classics, do you blame them?)

The article ends with "DJ Taylor is a novelist and critic." Yeah, I'm gonna rush out and buy *that* person's novels. ;-)
Well, the one thing I've found annoying about grocery store bookshelves is that there's very rarely any of the sorts of books I tend to read (SFF) ... that said, I'm much more likely to try something different if it's discounted. (Hence the huge-ass stacks of books every time I go to the used bookstore... *shifty eyes*)

BTW, haven't seen you 'round in awhile; howya been? *hugs* Have missed you.
Sometimes I'll find thrillers or romance novels I want at the grocery store. But most of them don't discount, so I do better at Target.

I'm feeling pretty good nowadays. I'd feel even better if I lit a fire under myself and sent out a novel to publishers. ;-)

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