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Thursday, November 03, 2005
That Dratted Moonstone -- Thwack Twhack Thwack!

No, no, that wasn't a flogging scene, but if that blasted character keeps bugging me, I might just give him a flogging scene! (Heh heh, maybe that's what I need...)

I started the chapter from Moonstone's POV that started just before his death, and then included his POV as he died, ended up in Liplan's realm and met Liplan, became a ghost, etc. (not necessarily in that order). I didn't get very far. I have to decide just how to approach this.

I was considering starting another novel during NaNoWriMo just to let Moonstone simmer on the back burners for a while. But I'll push through this bloody chapter a bit anyhow. I am seriously considering having Moonstone be a total ass during much of this chapter -- after all, he treated Brodin horribly during his first scenes as a ghost. Maybe I just have to go with the "Moonstone as a total ass" flow.

Failing that, I can always look for an excuse for a flogging scene, or maybe get some ropes... Hee hee!

Saturday, October 15, 2005
Back from England!

I finally got to visit England -- thanks to my parents, who had been urging me to visit for so many years. Of course, I want to go back, even though at the same time, I'm glad to be back to a place where a bottle of Coke costs around a dollar or so and is a full 20 ounces. Sure, I wish I had visited earlier, but then I might not have appreciated seeing the resting places of Purcell and Handel at Westminster Abbey! And others of course, but Purcell and Handel are worth noting because I so often listen to my Purcell and Handel tapes (Russell Oberlin, of course) in my car.

Besides seeing Westminster Abbey, I saw the British Museum (I saw Lindow man, my first bog body!) twice; ate Indian food in Bloomsbury (near the Bonnington); saw the Tower of London (twice, long story); took two Thames cruises (the second one was much nicer); rode the London Eye (my brother John didn't think I could do it!); lost my bearings more than once; saw the Albert Memorial (from a bus, I think you have to put on protective eyegear to see it up close); and visited Charing Cross Road and St. Paul's Cathedral (didn't get to see enough of it this time, though) and Covent Garden and the Theater Museum, among other things. I even rode that thrill ride known as the Tube. And became addicted to black currant juice (Ribena) -- if only Ribena had a bottling plant here!

And as if that weren't enough, I took a train and met Kate in Eastbourne; met her sister and their mother (who is 99) and their cat and the labradoodle Boris, and Kate's friend Pam. I stayed in a house that was built around the 1480s, before my country was even "officially" discovered. (Of course, we know it was unofficially discovered long before that, but...) It was all great, worth even having my allergies rear their ugly head -- yes, worth even having one of those annoying recurring dry coughs that sneaks up on you, and then becomes (ewwww) a productive cough which is still sometimes a dry cough, which then becomes... well you get the picture. Around Eastbourne (and surrounding areas), I saw my first pleasure pier, my first Saxon church, and my first giant carving in a chalk hillside, and had my first cream tea. Oh, and went to my first real pub and even participated in a pub quiz. Then we went on to Brighton and saw Kate's son, and we went on to Salisbury to see Stonehenge (!) and the famous Salisbury Cathedral, as well as Salisbury itself. I explored what England has to offer in bookstores, French markets, and of course, the chemist's shop. I tried lots of difference throat soothers and cough drops, and my favorite is probably the black currant ones.

I also overtipped more than a couple of times (silly Americans!) and explored the diverse range of Cadbury bars not offered in the U.S. and became addicted to British woman's weeklies and the Take a Break Fiction Special.

My tip to anyone planning to visit London... Buy the London A to Z map book!!! Heed my word! Even the Londoners use it!

Oh, and I also brought my eBookwise and used it to reread Gorok and Wulf and made notes on the story. Of course, I found lots of flaws this time around it, which will now have to be fixed. (*whistling nonchalantly*)

Tuesday, September 20, 2005
Blowing Off the Cobwebs

Yes, I am still alive. Not all my characters are, however. But then again, isn't that my job? ;-)

I stopped blogging for a while when I got stuck with what to do about the next scene in the Moonstone story. Then when I got unstuck, I concentrated on that (with occasional visits to check on my NeoPet). Maybe I was afraid that if I blogged about it, I would get stuck again. I dunno. I got re-stuck now and then anyway, so I don't know if it would have made a difference.

Here's an update. I was at an impasse (that's a fancy way of saying I was stuck) about how the enemies were going to attack my heroes' yacht and take Guy with them. (You see, Guy was supposed to help the baddies get into Brodin's castle later.) Why would they attack the ship, manage to stay long enough to free Guy, and yet leave when they could instead try to kill the main characters? On top of that, why take Guy with them, of all people? (I would have taken Moonstone and Brodin, yummy! And the captain ain't bad, either.) So finally, I stopped trying to attack the plot that way and realized that Guy had served his purpose. He had been a pain, and besides, he had tried to kill Moonstone. If that's not enough for one character to do, I don't know what is. Finally, I concocted an escape attempt for Guy that resulted in him being crushed between the hull and a cliff. Ewwww.

From there, I went quickly to the important Moonstone/Brodin scenes. Moonstone temporarily losing his voice; Brodin and Rowena staying by his side as comfort (and more after he gets it back); Brodin and Moonstone spending that special day together; Brodin accidentally killing Moonstone (eek); Moonstone's ghost coming back and doing his part to torment Brodin in revenge. Next, I get to write a scene from Moonstone's POV starting just before his death. I already have an idea or two. Look out world!

Thursday, May 26, 2005
Moonstone and Brodin Have Met!

It only took eleven chapters. Sigh. In the original novella, they met just a few pages in. Then again, it was a novella. There were no scenes in the main city, no scenes with the king and evil prince, no Zakira (!), no Rowena, etc.

Because this is their first scene together (not counting the previous time they met), this is going to be harder (pun not intended, I swear!) than I thought. Especially as there are so many other factors, such as worrying about their fates, looking out for agents of the prince, and dealing with Zakira, Moonstone's traitorous brother, and dealing with Guy, the leather-bound captain of "The Water Whip," etc.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005
Cheapened by the Checkout

Here's the subhead from another article linked by Booktrade News Digest:
"The mountain of discounted books at supermarkets isn't democratising publishing but dumbing it down"
You can read it here

Gag me. God forbid people should be able to buy books for less so that people with less money can buy more books. God forbid they actually buy books they might be interested in reading instead of what someone thinks they *should* be reading. This writer regrets the fact that when grocery stores offer discounted books, they offer the latest best-sellers instead of, say, the classics or something. Well duh!

The stores don't want to put something there that won't sell. They're risking their money on what they put there, especially with so few slots to fill. People waiting in the line at the grocery store aren't hoping to buy "A Farewell to Arms." They buy stuff that jumps out, like Dan Brown. That's not saying they won't read the classics sometime, although many will read them only in school, when they're forced to do so. Considering how schools teach the classics, do you blame them?)

The article ends with "DJ Taylor is a novelist and critic." Yeah, I'm gonna rush out and buy *that* person's novels. ;-)

Monday, May 16, 2005
Another Article About Why E-books Are Foundering

Here's an article in pdfzone.com.

This guy has some weird ideas about how to succeed with e-books. For example, he thinks they're not for "recreational reading." And all e-books should be short (unless they're computer manuals). And the publishing infrastructure gets in the way.

Wow. What am I going to do about all those long e-books I have? Particularly the "recreational" reading? Should I give up? Apparently I shouldn't have been enjoying the reading experience. I've read elsewhere that short e-books are now the "only" way to go and that there are sites that specialize in sending short articles to readers' iPods. That's fine unless you want to read something, oh I dunno, in-depth.

It is Adobe-centric, but I guess that's to be expected from a site called pdfzone.com. Still, I have to wonder how much he knows about the e-book world outside of Adobe. About what sells what at sites such as Fictionwise and eReader. About the revial of the GEB 1150 through eBookwise and Filament Technologies. And of course, about the popularity of romantica e-books. While shorter titles are popular at many of the romantica publishers, they still publish some very long titles.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005
Revisiting the Maddox and Leona Story for a Bit

I had heard of someone who put her own stories on her eBookwise to make notes, so I decided to try it. You can make markups on the stories, and even insert blank pages and make notes. (The tough part is reading your own handwriting later.) It's wonderful to be able to use real handwriting instead of Palm's Graffiti symbols, but at the same time, out of habit, I sometimes write with the Graffiti symbols out of habit! Also, the letters I make with one continuous motion generally come out great, although the ones where I have to draw one or more lines (such as Ts and Es) often get a little messy because I don't have good aim. Still, it flows really well.

I ended up rereading the new Leona and Maddox stuff and making notes on what I saw (and circling typos as I noticed them). I also marked up some of the chapters that came after the new parts, although most of those will have to be completely trashed because I changed the plot. Still, I don't mind as I like the new Maddox so much better, and the new Leona kicks butt as well. Now I just have to figure out if her father is really guilty or if he's covering up for someone (maybe her mother isn't really dead, she's insane and committing treason!) or if he was framed or (as in the original) he and Rissa created the charges against him as a "test" of Maddox's ability to judge with compassionate. (Too bad that last one is so hard to make believable. I always thought it reflected the themes because it pointed out that they never realized Maddox was compassionate all along.)


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